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A global pet product company

Peak Pets work carefully with veterinary professionals to ensure our products exceed your expectations. Backed by science, we focus on using the very best ingredients, balancing the need for great taste packed with nutritional content. Providing a focus on bioavailability and better pet health.

Brilliant in the world of nutrition

Designed and manufactured in the UK

What makes us different


Nutritional Experts

Peak Pets nutritional experts work in both human nutrition and animal nutrition. Together we leverage the very latest research into functional medicine for Humans and Pets. Why is this important? Because there are many more millions invested into human health studies than in those for pets. We therefore bring the best of both worlds and ensure your pet benefits from the very latest research and applied science.


Veterinary Professionals

Our veterinary experts are among the best in the world and are actively practicing vets too. Not only do they work with us in developing our products, ensuring that they are brilliant and suitable for your pet, but its this level of confidence in our product that means we are stocked by vets and the reason we are so proud to say that our products are also used by vets.


Clinically Proven

Peak Pets products are manufactured using only the best ingredients, and are clinically proven to have a positive impact on your pets well-being.
Backed by the independent research of our experts in Arthritis, functional medicine, and veterinary practice joint care. Who better to offer you such assurances than these specialists.

We don’t compromise, neither should you. Let your pet join the journey to better health today.

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