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    A powerful formula – stress relief from a variety of anxiety related behaviours.
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    A powerful formula – stress relief from a variety of anxiety related behaviours.
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Calming Supplements for Dogs

It is extremely common for dogs to experience stress throughout their life.

Meaning, the difficulties of both diagnosing and living with a stressed or anxious dog, are felt by many.

Some dogs have clear triggers, such as bonfire night or the postman. Whereas for others with anxiety, the symptoms are not so obvious. This can cause a more significant pain level, as the stress is left to fester before the owner realises what is going on.

Dog calming supplements are an excellent, natural remedy for dogs who are suffering from nerves, anxiety, or stress. Their natural ingredients promote overall wellness in your dog, reducing common symptoms such as pacing, barking and aggression. The effects of calming supplements can be seen within just a few short weeks.

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The Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Before we can begin helping dogs with anxiety, we must first establish the signs of stress and anxiety in dogs.

Excessive Panting

  • Although common for dogs to pant when they are excited, excessive panting can be a clear sign of stress. Your dog’s body temperature will undoubtedly rise during this, and it can be challenging to know how to cool down a dog in this state.

Barking and Whining

  • Barking is a very common symptom for dogs who are experiencing stress and anxiety. They struggle to express themselves, which often results in them being much louder than usual.

Aggression and Destructive Behaviour

  • Aggression in dogs can be an intimidating and unsettling side effect of stress. This may present itself with other dogs or members of the household. It may also mean they destroy items around the home.

Changes in Posture

  • You may notice that your dog looks out of balance or is regularly standing with their tail between their legs. This usually means their emotions are offset, and they are struggling to process how they feel.

How Do Calming Supplements Work?

As our understanding of dogs’ emotional needs grows, we as a society have begun to fully value the benefits of dog calming supplements.

Peak Pets supplements are made from all-natural ingredients, containing a complex balance of vitamins and proteins. These products aim to rebalance the hormones in your pet, making for a calmer and happier dog, and an overall more enjoyable household.

- Calming Supplements For Dogs - Peak Pets

The Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

There are many complex reasons for stress in dogs. It is not always easy to eliminate the causes from your pets life, so new coping strategies have to be adapted to ease the burden on your pet, and the family.

Unfamiliar people

  • Unfortunately, meeting new people can be a massive trigger of stress in many dogs. This can be particularly relevant for children, especially if your dog is not used to being around them.

Loud Sounds

  • As with many humans, loud sounds can cause fright, stress, and sometimes even anxiety. If your pet is used to spending their time in a more rural area, this can be significant. Explaining why bonfire night can place such a major strain on our pets.


Although many dogs are more than happy to spend time in cars, on busses, or even on trains, this can cause enormous stresses for many dogs. Introducing transport into your pets life at a later age is generally a trigger of their anxiety


  • You have probably heard the term separation anxiety banded around a lot when enquiring about dogs with anxiety. But it is incredibly prevalent. The reality is that we might not even know how bad the situation is, as many pets often suffer in silence.

Physical Distress

  • Physical illnesses such as stiff joints in dogs can also leave your pet feeling stressed. Whilst dog joint tablets may help soothe the inflammation and pain; calming tablets can work in harmony with these to elevate your pet’s overall wellness.
  • Joint support for dogs is vital for pets that are in the latter stages of their life.
- Calming Supplements For Dogs - Peak Pets

How to Help A Dog with Anxiety

At Peak Pets, we are proud to work with a team of veterinary experts, amongst the best in the world. However, if your dog is experiencing prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, is it worth visiting your vet in person where possible.

Your vet will establish any underlying health conditions that may be triggering the stress in your pet, before working with you to establish a plan moving forward.

If there are no underlying health issues, dog calming supplements can be extremely beneficial for stressed dogs. They are clinically proven to have a positive impact on your dog’s wellbeing. Peak Pets calming supplements are safe to take alongside most vet prescribed medication, including joint tablets for dogs, due to our natural formulas.

Dog Probiotics UK

Alongside calming supplements, introducing dog probiotics into their daily routine will help promote your dog’s overall health.

There may also be environmental factors you may want to consider; helping to reduce stress in your pet. Sticking to a regular exercise routine, a standard feeding pattern, and considering how many visitors your pet comes into contact with may also help reduce stress.

Anxiety in Dogs UK

Our calming supplements are not only developed with world-leading vets but stocked in their practices. Which shows the level of confidence the professionals have in our products.

We are proud to offer a dog calming supplement that is loved by so many, with customers returning month after month. Reducing the stress in your dog will lead to a better quality of life for the whole family.

When Should I Give My Dog Calming Supplements?

If your dog regularly displays various nervous tendencies, we recommend giving them a dog calming supplement every day, as part of their routine.

However, if there is simply a particular event that triggers your dog’s anxiety, such as bonfire night, then introduce them in the lead up to the event.

Although our formula is designed to benefit your dog quickly, we recommend introducing calming supplements six weeks before the event for your pet to reap the full rewards.

Peak Pets – Dog Supplements UK

Peak Pets are proud to offer a calming supplement made from natural ingredients, right here in the UK. Safety is our primary concern, so all of our products are tested thoroughly and created to the highest standard.

To see the results, see our dog calming supplement reviews, from a range of happy Peak Pets customers.

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