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Joint Dog Care

When dogs joints work as they should, it enables your dog to live the life they dream of.

Fully functioning joints allow your dog to access a free, full range of movement to enjoy their days. This not only makes their daily activities more enjoyable but will seriously improve their mood, aid weight management, and even reduce the chances of them developing anxiety.

Preventing Joint Issues in Dogs

Sadly, most joint issues in dogs cannot actually be ‘cured’ – so prevention is vital.

The best preventative measure is always going to be promoting well-rounded health for your dog. ‘Health’ will look different for every pet, considering the breed of your dog, their individual needs, and the lifestyle they enjoy living.

Overall wellness may include the incorporation of dog supplements for joints and likely a dog probiotic. 

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A healthy, balanced diet

  • A well-rounded diet is essential for your dog’s health and is vital for strong, healthy joints. You may also consider incorporating multi-vitamins alongside their regular food, to promote wellness.

Exercise Routine

  • As well as a balanced diet, a regular exercise routine is crucial for preventing severe joint issues. Excessive weight will undoubtedly put unnecessary stress on the joints, causing any underlying issues to flare.


  • Dog joint supplements support the other environmental and lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation and keep joint issues away.

Regular Vet Visits

  • Ensuring your dog has had all of their required vet visits, vaccinations, and boosters is an easy way to monitor their health. Vets will notice any issues before becoming a huge inconvenience, allowing you to tackle them in the early stages.
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How do Joint Supplements for Dogs Work?

Although joint supplements for dogs will not reverse the damage done to your dog through diseases such as arthritis, they can help reduce the daily pain your dog is suffering.

Dog joint supplements help the pain by first working to reduce the inflammation. The all-natural ingredients in the Peak Pets formula will reduce the swelling, which will undoubtedly ease stiffness around the joints.

Additionally, the unique combination of vitamins in our joint supplements will help rebuild damaged cartilage around the joint itself. Whilst this will not restore your dog’s joints to their former selves, it will help reduce the chronic strain on the joint.

Why is Glucosamine for Dogs so Important?

With such a vast range of products on the market, it can be challenging to know which is the best joint supplement for dogs.

However, it is imperative that any supplements specifically for dog joint care must contain glucosamine. Dog glucosamine is essential, particularly for older dogs.

As your pet ages, their production of glucosamine will slow. Meaning, the joint may not be getting the lubrication it requires, resulting in swelling, irritation, and pain for your pet.

Unfortunately, this might not just be the case for our older pets but also the particularly active younger dogs.

Exercise is great for our pets, but there is no debating the toll it can take on their joints. Without enough glucosamine, their joints can become stiff, reducing their range of motion.

In turn, this can make our dogs reluctant to enjoy walks as they normally would, leading to even further health issues.

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Best Glucosamine for Dogs UK

Our dog joint supplement is developed in the UK, undergoing rigorous testing. It was paramount to Peak Pets that we created a completely safe product. Offering the joint support and inflammation relief your pet requires, whilst guaranteeing their safety.

When Should I Give My Dog Joint Supplements?


  • Arthritis is widespread in both humans and dogs and can create a great deal of joint pain. Joint supplements will support your dog’s joints, reduce inflammation, and lower the amount of pain they are suffering from. We are proud to offer one of the best arthritis supplements for dogs.
  • Our supplements are safe to take alongside vet prescribed mediation, so they will be fine alongside any other dog arthritis tablets that your vet recommends.
  • As mentioned, to be effective, dog supplements for arthritis must contain glucosamine, to help lubricate the joints.
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  • After years of wear and tear, it is only natural that your dog will begin to suffer from niggles and pains in their joints. Dog joint supplements can help your dog enjoy their life in their later years, meaning they do not have to sacrifice any activities they love.

Preventative Measure

  • Once dogs begin to feel even the slightest of niggles in their joints, dog joint care supplements can be extremely beneficial at keeping further issues at bay; extending the life span of your dog’s joints.
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Joint Pain and Anxiety in Dogs

Providing rounded care may mean introducing a range of supplements for dogs.

Dogs with severe joint pain often have to undertake substantial lifestyle changes, leading to nerves, stress, and anxiety.

Many pet owners struggle to understand how to calm an anxious dog. Peak Pets also offer a calming supplement, which works best when combined with other lifestyle changes. A supplement formula created by industry experts, providing a dog anxiety treatment that can work hand in hand with our joint supplements.

Discovering a supplement for dogs that help with anxiety can be challenging, so we are proud to offer an effective, natural solution. Calm tablets for dogs may feel like a big step, but they can make an overwhelming difference to your dogs life.

Peak Pets Joint Supplement

Your dogs ability to move freely is crucial to them living a happy and fulfilled life. We are confident that our supplement will have a huge overall effect of your dogs wellbeing, promoting healthy joints and improving mobility.

Our dog joint supplement is beef flavour – every dog’s favourite! This should make incorporating it into their daily routine a doddle. Providing your pup with a treat to look forward to, rather than a tablet to force them to endure.

Read our dog joint supplement reviews to see the full impact this all-natural formula can have on your pet’s joints and life.

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