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Probiotics for Dogs

Our probiotic supplement for dogs is designed with your pet’s health and safety as our primary concern. This probiotic has been developed to enhance the functionality of your dogs gut and promote overall wellness.

Our dog probiotics are developed in the UK, using natural ingredients to enable us to provide you with the best dog probiotic supplement on the market today.

What are Probiotics for Dogs?

Every animal, including humans and dogs, have thousands of bacteria living in their gut and digestive system.

These bacteria work hard to carry out various functions, including breaking down food, boosting the immune system, and encouraging regular functionality of the body as a whole.

We recommend incorporating probiotics into your dogs’ daily routine to prevent sickness and keep the body functioning soundly.

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What is in Dog Probiotic?

There are ten strains of good bacteria contained inside Peak Pet’s probiotic for dogs.  Additionally, our dog probiotics have over 5 billion CFUs to keep your dog’s gut at its optimum.

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Why Should I Give My Dog Probiotics?

The main benefit of adding a probiotic into your dog’s diet is to promote healthy insides.

Probiotics aid digestion and can be particularly useful if your dog is a regular scavenger. A well-functioning digestive system means that your dog will be less prone to bloating and gas – making for a happier life for both your dog and your family.

Natural probiotics for dogs can help prevent disease. They help aid nutrient absorption meaning your dog will be getting all the benefits of their food. This means your pup will be in optimum condition to fight off any illness thrown their way.

Excellent nutrient absorption will not only help your dogs stomach, but will promote healthy skin, fur, and teeth.

Probiotics with a high CFU count will also help ease itchy skin in your pet and can even help bad breath.

Which Dogs Can Use Probiotics?

Peak Pets are proud to offer a probiotic supplement formula that is entirely safe for all dogs. Ranging from the Chihuahua through to the Saint Bernard, our probiotic is suitable for your dog throughout every stage of their life.

The container for your Peak Pets probiotic will show your pet’s recommended dose based on their size.

The Difference Between Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are live cultures. They are good bacteria that are extremely beneficial for the digestive system of your pet. Amongst the strains of good bacteria in our probiotic supplements are Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bacillus coagulans. They all work together, with the many other positive bacteria strains in the gut to aid overall health.

Prebiotics are not digestible; instead, they are here to work with the good bacteria and allow it to flourish. Prebiotics support the growth of probiotics, working in harmony to enable the gut to function flawlessly.

A mixture of probiotics and prebiotics is essential for excellent gut health in your pet.

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When You Should Give Your Dog Probiotics

There is an array of things to consider when figuring out how to take care of a dog. A comfortable environment, regular exercise routine and balanced diet are all essential.

Adding probiotics can help elevate the health and digestive system of your dog.

There are many reasons you may decide to introduce probiotics into your dogs daily routine; however, we recommend that rather than wait for an issue to occur, introducing probiotics into the diet pre-emptively is the best method.

It may be the case that your pup is suffering from joint pain. Our probiotic for dogs is great for promoting complete wellness, and a daily dose can work alongside other medications to help ease dog joints.

With such an array of dog vitamins for joints on the market, it can be challenging to know which to choose. But a natural probiotic is a great place to start to preserve and promote your dog’s general health.

If your dog has recently suffered from an illness or has finished a course of antibiotics, the bacteria in the gut are likely to be out of balance. Introducing probiotics into their diet can help restore gut health and have them back to feeling themselves in no time.

It may be that you have noticed your dog suffering from an upset stomach more regularly. Unusual toilet habits, sickness, or changed mood are all signs of this.

For dogs suffering from nerves and anxiety, probiotics are often added alongside dog calms, to keep your dog functioning soundly.

Additionally, prebiotics can help revive a dull coat in your dog. 

Allergies and Intolerances

Some dogs are born with food allergies or intolerances; others develop them throughout their life. Often these allergies can be challenging to diagnose. Therefore the dog continues to consume the allergy, causing damage to the stomach and digestive system.

Probiotics can help restore the gut, regulating its functions. It is important that allergies are diagnosed by a vet, before the allergy is then eliminated from the diet.

Probiotics can then help get your pet back to feeling themselves in the aftermath.

Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics?

Although most human probiotics probably would not cause your pet harm, they will not reap the full benefits of what the product has to offer.

It may even be the case that human probiotics make your dog sick. If you are planning on feeding your dog any human foods rich in probiotics, be sure to thoroughly investigate to ensure they are dog friendly.

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When to See a Vet

Although many dog illnesses are entirely treatable at home, most requiring simple rest, and rehydration. There are some circumstances when you should seek veterinary assistance immediately:

  • Vomiting for a period longer than 12 hours
  • Diarrhoea for longer than 24 hours
  • Drastic, rapid weight loss
  • Blood in stool or grey coloured stool
  • Swollen abdomen and visibly in pain

Any of the above or a combination could be a sign that there is something sinister lying underneath.

Peak Pets – Dog Vitiamins UK

The best probiotic for dogs should contain a range of strains of good bacteria, be suitable for use on all breeds, and manufactured in the UK, using all-natural ingredients. 

It will take around 4-6 weeks of regular probiotics to see the best results in your pet.

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