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Welcome to the journey.

Nothing is more important to us than your pets well-being, and your happiness knowing that you’re making a true difference to their quality of life. This is why we set up ‘the journey’, 3 easy steps to making sure you get the most from your journey with us.


Purchase your trial pack for only £5 delivered

You might be completely new to the PeakPets world of supplements. The trial pack is a great way to get to grips with your joint care supplements, and to learn how your dog will best take them. This is the primary objective of step 1. P.S. Most dogs will ‘wolf’ them down!!!


Start the 6 week Optimization

So your dog loves the taste, or you’ve successfully snuck them into his meal! Now you’re ready to start the process of increasing the dosage and getting these essential nutrients into his or her body. You can do this by purchasing either the 30 tablets, or the 120 tablets bottles. Please follow the dosage instructions on the jar or bottle.

Stick at it. For the results to be truly seen its important that you allow at least 6 weeks taking the supplements. We know you’ll see a difference on or before 6 weeks, but if you have any questions or concerns we are always on hand. If you have any major concerns we can always arrange for you to have a call with one of our veterinary team.


Subscribe & Save!

Now you see our product really works! We want to make maintaining your dogs movement and care easy for you. Our subscription service does two things: Firstly you get 25% off every order processed via subscription. Secondly you don’t have to worry – we’ll just deliver your supplements to your door, free of charge, in time for when you need them!

Remember, we are here at all times to offer you support on your dogs journey to better health. We’ll always be keen to answer your questions, listen to your story, and of course look at the lovely pictures so many of our customers share with us.

We’re in this together and you’re completely covered with our money back guarantee. 

Risk free and satisfaction guaranteed

Our #1 priority at Peak Pets is yours and your pet’s happiness. Which means we stand by our products 100%, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee.